A Story...

Look what I found. You would be really amazed after reading the story I am going to share with you. After reading this story I have realized how people relate their work with that of other. People have different or I must say weird opinions about other's work. They feel that others work is of so less worth yet they get paid high. I don't know how to put my thoughts in writing.so am just going to press the mute button and just share the wonderful story.

A mechanic was removing the engine parts from a motorcycle . When he saw a famous Heart Surgeon in his garage , he called the surgeon and said  " Look at this engine,I 've opened its heart, took the valves out, repaired few parts that were damaged ,replaced a few  and put them back". So why do I get such a small salary and you get such a huge amount for quiet similar work.

Well , I love this Part...

The Doctor smiled at the mechanic and came close and Whispered in his ears " Try the same when the engine is running"

I felt that was an amazing answer.

Please feel free to share your view.

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