Why being Successful has become more important than being happy?

 Have you ever asked  yourself  that " Are you happy?"? If yes, what was your answer.

What are the factors or parameters would you consider to measure the degree of your happiness?

The basic parameters that one would consider in today's world are

1)Social Position and Status
2)Power and Authority
3) Worldly pleasures and Luxuries
4) Taking a cover of a Brand

And lot more .This list would continue to the end of world. But do these things really bring in the Happiness into our Lives? Are they really so effective in bringing the Sunshine? Do these things matter so much more to us than our own Life which is only one and Uncertain.?

If we use these as parameters to measure the Happiness then we need to re- think all over again.These things provide us the comfort but not the real happiness.Real Happiness is not connected or dependent on things. It is related to heart and feelings.Each of these are just some things with a value tag but they have no relation with heart.

 Heart is considered to be the most important organ for human existence . So is Happiness.

With no happiness in one's life even the heart doesn't feel its existence.

Happiness is not an article or an item that can be purchased from a Shop. At the same time you need not put an effort to gain Happiness. In fact Happiness can be found at every nook and corner of our huge world . All you have to have is pure heart and soul .Happiness can be found in every thing. It just depends on our perspectives.

Happiness is like the rain and the rainbow We feel good while its raining and also we are elated when we see the rainbow too.

Happiness is like the Sun and the Stars. It always exists but we change our own direction because of which we may not see them .

Happiness is like water . We may not hold much in our hands but it helps us to get rid of our thirst( Here thirst is compared to the problems one faces)

Happiness is like air. You cannot see it or touch but you can always feel it.

Today like our natural resources have become scarce so is the Happiness . These days we prefer being Successful to Happiness. Happiness has started losing its essence in the race of being Successful.

People feel that the more successful one is ,the more happier the one will be. In the race of being successful people tend to leave behind the people,relations and  feelings that are the causes of real Happiness.

Many people would be totally against this statement. But not every one realizes the essence of happiness at the  right time. Realizing its value after it being lost is huge loss beyond one's imagination. We usually don't care for the people we have or the relation we have when we run after our so called goals . But we fail to understand the real purpose of  our existence in the race of our life's so called aims and ambitions.

 We tend to take artificial bus of worldly Success instead of taking the free and Happy horse riding.
 We build artificial stars ceiling in our rooms and forget about the stars twinkling in the Sky
 Why aren't we trying to understand the real essence of Life. The true essence of Living is rising beyond mere existence. The true essence of Life is the being closer to the things that bestow true happiness.

In the race of accomplishment we are always avoiding the things and people we love us to death and are well wishers.

One of the example I have come across is that People go far away from their parents unwillingly though and miss them initially then they get busy in their lives and tend to distance more from their dear ones.Finally , a day comes when they turn back and search for memories. But they fail to find even a single memory that made them happy. They realize that they have spent their whole life trying to achieve the things which short lived giving up on those which are seem petty but of high value.

I may not be clear enough to convey my idea clearly because this is my second article. The only thing I would want to say is that we run after the things which don't serve the purpose of our life. The ultimate yearning of a Human being is to be loved and to love but he is spending most of his life in trying to achieve something which really doesn't matter much giving up on most important things.

Please give importance those simple things in our life because one we are going to realize that these simple things are life's greatest pleasures.

Some of Simple things which are life's greatest joys are

1) Sleeping in mom's lap
2)Sharing even a small joy with the family
3) Sharing the most out of the least you are having
4) Forgive and Forget easily
5) Be thankful for what you have
6) Pray for what you need than for what you want
7) Be Satisfied with the result of your efforts.( Result is the outcome of your efforts)
8)Raise your Hands for giving than for taking
9)Use our precious mouth for praying than for cursing
10)Believe that Lord is by your side and be open to the problems because the joy of solving a problem is beyond one's imagination
11) A true Compliment
12)A wise advise to one who always counts on you

 Thus this would be an never ending list if each one has pure and open heart to accept life as it comes to us. Because I believe that God has perfect planning for each one of us.

Here are some pictures related to Happiness  which I like the most and would love to share with you .



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