Things admired today were ignored yesterday

     The idea for this post struck me in my Organisational Behaviour  class. I can clearly remember the topic was Motivation. I was really looking forward to this topic because I believe that ability to motivate is a special charisma  which only a few possess. That very day I truly came to know of the greatness behind the Beautiful Bridge of Brooklyn.Earlier it was just another bridge for me that stood strong and beautiful .After knowing its history I have developed a sense of respect for the Engineers who dreamed of building it against all the odds. Well I am not going to write all the details of this bridge because I know each one of us can google it for sure. Before this bridge came into existence , John Roebling and his son were criticized over their idea of building a bridge over the New York's East river. Like father like son. Father dreamed of this majestic Bridge and the son made his father's dream come true  with complete devotion and will power .

 People find it very easy and simple to reject any new ideas emerging out of a genius brains. This is not only the case where the great men were criticized and made fun of. Every great man today was considered a fool or a mental challenged guy earlier. We can list out a great number of such great personalities. If we start doing that it would be an unending list. Ramanujan is one of those greatest mathematician who was considered unfit for mathematics itself. Well, we are well aware of great scientists like Galileo,Wright Brothers,Gregor Mendel . Even their inventions and theories were heavily criticized by large groups of people. But thankfully these great men did not give up on their dreams because if they might have done so then we might not living such beautiful lives that we are living today.

Why is it so difficult for people to accept the dreams of others? Why do people question about the abilities of other ? Why are people so interested in others lives when their own lives are messed up? Why can't people understand  that nothing is impossible if God's wills? Why? Why? Why?

But things change if one doesn't stop dreaming. Things change if  we believe in oneself.Things do change if we  have strong will and determination to achieve something. Things do change if we put in our whole hearts into something.

We never believed that we can fly but thanks to Sir George Cayley, John Stringfellow,Jean-marie le  Bris,Felix du Temple, Samuel Pierpont Langley,Gustave Wei├čkopf and Wright Brothers for the contribution towards the History Aviation. 

We never believed that gravity pulls us towards the ground but we were totally wrong.

We never believed we can drain darkness and bring in the light. Thanks to Electricity .

We never thought we could  land on other planets but we did.

We never thought we could to  talk to or interact with a person living on the other extreme of the earth but we did.Thanks to the Technological revolution.

We never thought we could develop and use nuclear energy ,But now we do. 

We never thought we could save lives of people suffering from variety of diseases . Thanks to Medical revolution that gave a lot of strength to fight .

We never thought we could take pictures of galaxies and planets also know whats happening on the other side of the world  but we did .Thanks to Satellites

Thus we have overcome many hurdles of our lives and established a glorious civilization.

This civilization ,we are living today, was a dream of yesterday . The men who dreamed big knew that they would create something even better than ever thought.These great people sacrificed their own life just to better ours.

Now we have huge monuments, better and majestic infrastructure, comfortable and luxurious modes of transport, beyond imagination technologies, improved medical facilities, and much, much more.

For each of them  came to existence just because the undying spirit of the great men behind these miraculous inventions.

We never honored their thoughts and dreams but they left us the treasures of better living.

Today these discoveries and inventions are honored, admired and loved  while there was time when they were thought to be unrealistic ,were criticized and made fun of.

Its easier for people to change their tongues than changing their own clothes.

Well, the thing is at least people started realizing that dreams do come true ,whether their own or others. The only thing needed is a true heart.

This article is a little token of gratitude to the all the great men and women who contributed to our comfortable and better living.


  1. I think part of it is that it is comfortable for us to stay with the familiar, even when it clearly doesn't serve us. Change is hard, and unfortunately, this makes things very difficult for change agents, because we don't embrace what they offer us, even when they try to help.

  2. Yes, dreams come true. Plus, anything you can dream, you can also dream of a way to make it happen. People sometimes take the easy way out, discouraging others and themselves. Making dreams come true is hard work. It requires patience and a lot of trial and error. But if you want something bad enough, you simply need to keep moving step and one day at a time, and before you know it, your dream is creating dreams of its own :)

  3. So true. All we need is a big heart and a dream. Anything is possible once we've put our minds to it. I think people question out of fear.

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge


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