The Wish List Continues ~

                                               Wish #1 Get a star named after me

Ever since I 've read " A walk to remember ", written by a amazing writer Nicholas Sparks , I have been a bit obsessed with Stars and Sky. I always had something with the stars . I still can't figure out what it is,but we do share a special bonding.  This book helped me to decide one of my craziest  wishes ever. And it is

" I want a star to be named after me"

I hope I get this done as soon as possible so that I can hang the gorgeous certificate of naming a star after me in my very own room.

                                              Wish # 2 Collect water from different rivers

I know at times I might sound weird but honestly I have no idea why am I so.  When I was a kid, I used to watch Discovery channel . One day I happened to watch about The Ganges . That episode revealed the origin and the beauty of the Ganges. Its beauty was so beyond words . As time passed on , many a time I came across various pictures of rivers and every river was different in its very own way. I agree the color of water is blue but I don't know whats with these rivers that every river has its own color of water, though the shade of blue . It really fascinates me . This fascination manifested  itself into one of my wishes.

Hence my second wish is

                                                     " Collect water from different rivers "


                                           Wish # 3 Make a Snow man,Snow fairy and  Enjoy the Snow

 I kinda a nature lover. I love rain . My love for snow is even more. I must admit I 've never seen a snow fall. I live in southern India so its like impossible to have snow over here as the winter itself doesn't take its full form. But this doesn't limit my love for Snow .

 No matter what we can't live in a bubble. We must push our limits . It doesn't matter even if I live in a place where I don't have snow fall but my will to see it will never fade away. My dad once told me "Where there is will, there's always a way" . So I am not gonna give up but find my way to experience the magic of Snow . I just want to experience how does it feels like to have snow all around you, also want to feel all the seasons that prevail in this world.  My love for snow had me my third wish . And it is
                                             "To make a Snow man,Snow fairy and Enjoy the Snow ."

In short it can be said as
                                             Visit a place which is famous for the Snow fall

 Wish I could be that Young lady in the above picture .

                                                                  Wish # 4 Learn Ballet  

When you have strong passion for something nothing can ever stop you from doing that.Likewise my love for ballet grows more and more with the every passing year. You might ask me the reason for my love for Ballet. I may not be able to give you technical reasons but I have my own way to admiring it. There are many dance forms available in the world but my heart skips a beat every time I watch people perform ballet. I just love everything that comes with Ballet right from the cute pink satin ballet shoes to the gracefulness  of the dancer. Its not just a dance form for me its something more. It has a charisma that captures my heart and my soul. It has a delicate way of conveying the theme through dance. Its like a soft way of expressing the hardest feelings. Thus , I am deeply and totally in Love with Ballet.


                                                           Wish # 5 Travel in the Engine of a Train 

Each one of us might have traveled in train innumerable times.Even I did . I don't even remember the count. But have you ever traveled in its engine?

I always wonder how does it feel like in the Engine which leads many other passenger coaches and freight cars. I always had a feeling of pride for the people who drive these huge trains. For the past few years , I have grown watching these trains pass by my house. They look amazing when it rains. Every time they pass by I can hear a new song of their whistles . Every time they provide an element of surprise to me. Thus my love for trains keeps growing and growing. My love for trains has contributed to this wish of mine which is

                                      " I would love to travel in the Engine of a Train "

I want to experience what it feels like to be the first to see the way in a Train. How does it feels like to be touched first by the breeze or the rain. How does it feels like to be the first to enter the railway station. How does it feels like to be the first to enter and leave a dark tunnel .

I just want to feel all these amazing feelings.

p.s : It doesn't mean I want to be first but here I mean that how does it feels like to be in the Engine of the train and experience such beautiful and wonderful things

My list wishes continues . Here are just few of my very favorites . Well , I wanted to share some more but the some wishes are better When they are to be kept secret.

Keep wishing. There's no limit for wishing in this world .


  1. Such a lovely wishes, hope all ur wishes come true.. <3

  2. Reminds me of the song, "When You Wish Upon a Star." You share some beautiful dreams here, Anoosha :)

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Writing Tips
    Effectively Human
    Lots of Crochet Stitches

    1. Hi Joachim Thank you so much. These words mean a lot for a beginner like me :)

  3. Oh, I do hope you get to claim at least one of these wishes by year's end. Lovely post. I have never been to India, which is also a wish of mine :)

    1. Hi Sharon.Thank you :) I really hope that your wish of coming to India may come true as soon as possible and I believe that you would love the country and people too. Please do share your journey to India .:)

  4. Hello Anoosha. Beautiful pictures to add to your wishes. Very Nice!

    1. Hi Cathrina. Thank you so much .I love them too :)

  5. I enjoyed the wide variety on your wish list - expecially collecting water. I collect a rock on my travels - I rearrange them in my living room. They are my version of a zen garden. All your wishes are within your reach. Be your own star; you already shine brightly !

    1. Thank you so much and am glad you enjoyed it. Yes, collecting water is one of my favorites too.
      Wow ! that sounds amazing that you collect rocks.That's so nice! I wish I could see it coz it sounds great.
      Thank you for the beautiful compliment ,it means world to me :)


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