Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gift of a Friend

                                                                      Gift of a Friend


Friends add color ,glitter and everything nice to one's life. The journey called Life becomes much more exciting when we have a friend to walk along . The miles to travel become few steps when we have a friend.Life becomes much more easier than it was before. We start to love our own self .With good friends around ,even one's boring and lonely life becomes an adventure .Friends are like stars you may not always see them but they are always there for you.Friends are the blessings in disguise who can understand your deepest silence. One doesn't need stock of words to explain things to them,they can read it in your eyes.

 Friends are not alike.But the Science itself defines the reason that unlike poles of the magnet attract. Friends are totally different from each other but still they can understand each other better than anyone else . In spite of differences they get along so well. This is the beauty of Friendship. This Difference itself is the strength of Friendship.

Friendship doesn't follow a logic or a procedure to be friends. It is as natural as rain or snow.

Friendship is not Seasonal. It's a season without end.

Friendship has no specific language. Friendship itself is a Language which is Universally .
Its the only language that even deaf can hear ,dumb can speak and the blind can See

Love your friends for what they are. Its the only ship that cannot be wrecked or sink :)

Try to sail in this ship as far as you can.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY # 2 Bottle Toy :)

This is one simple diy using a glass jar. This adds little sweetness and glitter to your cute room .Hope you like it
All you need is
1) A glass Jar
2) A cute toy thats fits easily in the Jar
3) A little ribbon to cover the lid of the jar at the bottom
4) Thermocol balls or glitter to fill in

1) Open the jar. Take lid and stick the toy to the lid carefully with help of  glue or paper tape
2) Fill the Jar with thermocol balls or anything that pleases you
3)Close the jar carefully ,making sure the balls don't fall off.
4) If you like ,you can take colorful ribbon and a tie a bow at the bottom to cover the lid

Hope you find it a bit useful .Enjoy

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Drawing # 2 Precious moments - Heavenly Love



Monday, January 6, 2014

My Drawing # 1 Bambi and Friends

                                               Love is a song that never ends -Bambi  


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Easy and Simple DIY #1 (Butterflies Decor)

One of the most simple and Easy DIY is this Butterfly Room decoration.These pretty butterflies are quiet easy to make and wonderful way to spice up your room.

All you need to have is the following things:
1) Colored Chart paper that compliments your room color.
2)A Scissors
3)Some paper tape to stick on the wall