Good -Bye 2013

                      Saying Good-Bye isn't very easy. But every Good-bye marks a new beginning. It initiates a fresh start.Good-Bye simply means carrying the most beautiful memories of past and moving on to make new ones.

                        2013 wasn't good enough for me.It taught me some of the bitter lessons of life.It tried to break me in every single possible way.Thank you Lord for helping me survive the tough year.

                       As it is always said some good things come along with the bad ones .So 2013 also blessed me with few good people ,developed some amazing relations and shared a strong bonding too.Also helped me to make my older relations stronger and brought nearer to my dear ones .

                       Thank you 2013 for being such a wonderful teacher.                                  


  1. Every year taught us something good and we all are thank full for that. Nice one, I wish You a Very Happy New Year, Keep smiling and happy blogging baby.

  2. Thanks Sunee...You are the first person to comment on the very first day of the year


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