5 ways to happier You .

Happy ? Happier or Happiest ? What I do I want to be ?. Definitely Happy .Or maybe Happier .C'mon who am I kidding .Of course , not only I but each one of us want be the Happiest and trust me there's nothing wrong with it. Also there is one thing Your Happiness is entirely related to you and has nothing to do with others. Its not really that Hard to be happy every day . Happiness is that brightest ray of sunshine even if its Night .Wondering how ? Its easy , its not the sun that changes its direction ,its us ( I mean , the Earth ) who rotate . So even if we see it or not the sunshine is always there. You just need to feel it .So here are the few easy things which will help us be happy while we are here.

1) Respect and Love yourself for what  you are.

One thing all of us should remember before hating our own self. We are made by the God ,You and I , Everyone knows that God doesn't make mistakes. If he has created us , its for a reason .So Stop hating or blaming yourself for whatever you are. Start loving yourself , You will discover new you with lot of potential you could ever imagine of .

2) Never Compare Yourself.

Stop ! Stop it right there if You are comparing yourself to someone else.You are not an amount to be measured or compared relative to someone. You are You and no one can ever replace you from being you. Be proud to be you .Don't let other's benchmarks influence your life. Comparison only makes thing messier and creates unnecessary emotions . No two persons lives are alike . That's what makes World exciting and worth living.

3) Stop Existing and Start Living .

Every single and Tiniest moment is special .Live it before it slips into the box called Past. Make the most of every second, make it worth remembering . All these tiny moments make you and Your Life. Don't care what the world thinks , if You think its right do it anyway.

4) Be Grateful Always and forever.

Be Thankful for the life you are living , however it maybe at least you have one. Being grateful makes you a better You.Never Complain for what you dint get , if you din't get something maybe its for the best. Never consider the price , always value everything.

5) Don't Judge Others and don't mind if you are judged.

Life is better when you judge less and Admire more.Before You judge  Firstly remind yourself , its not your life to make statements and secondly you gain nothing doing it except you feed your so called Ego and nothingness.While there 's so much more to admire in this world , why waste your time judging others.Also pay least attention to those who judge you as its not going change your life for better or for worse. It may hurt ( It definitely hurts after all we are all humans ) but don't let it break you . And what doesn't break You , makes you stronger.

Your judgement doesn't define who really a person is , it just shows how miserable you are.

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