Interrupted ! :(

Its 28th April and I am still stuck at letter N.I don't know if I should continue writing for the Challenge or just wait till next year.

I was very excited and a bit nervous at the same time about this A - Z. But somewhere deep in my heart was a voice telling me that I can do it in spite of all the odds that were to come. I really had this thing in my heart that I can do it if I really wanted to.

Series of unfavorable events took away my ability to think and creativity . Then my true test of being a student popped up. I had my semester exams of Management Studies. I had to balance my career as a student as well as a blogger. I am sad that I failed. But failure is never permanent .It teaches us lot more things.I have learnt my own lessons.

Everything happens for a reason. May be now I am unaware of it. But the time will reveal what it has for me in store.Till then I await and expect for the best

For all the bloggers who are in A- Z ,I wish you all the very best :)

Thank you for Stopping By :)


  1. DON'T QUIT! You can catch up. I just read your post for N. You said the challenge is for writing every day. That's so optimistic. So, for letter O write about your optimism. Just a paragraph, that's all you need. For P, write a short blurb about the 'Passion' you have for blogging and life. Q is a good one for writing about a few of your quirks. We all have them. Share a few of yours. R might be for Remember, and then tell one tale of your childhood that inspired you. S could be for Sassy. Everyone has a sassy side. What does yours do when you're in a sassy mood? T is for tranquility. what do you find the most restful, and how or when do you find time for it. U is for understanding, when you ask your blogging buddies to understand that there was a need for some of your posts to be short. V is for vacation. Share with us the imaginary vacation you would take if you could. Remember, just one paragraph will be okay. W is for worldly. Where all have you traveled in your life, if not in person, then in your mind. X is a tough one. What part of your body would you NOT want x-rayed and why not. you can make this post a little silly. We all need a laugh now and then. Y is for yap. It might be inspired by the dog next door that yaps all night and keeps you awake, or the ladies at church, who don't let you go right after service because they have fifteen questions for you to answer and ten ways you can volunteer in the next month. they never quit yapping long enough for you to get out the door. Z is for zoo. In what way is your life like a zoo. This can be another funny and silly one. I hope some of these ideas help you out. I hate getting behind, but it happens often.
    from your newest A to Z follower,

  2. Hi Debi. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and suggestions you gave me...I really needed them. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. It really means the world to me. Yes, you are absolutely correct I Should not quit. At least I can give a try. Its better to be late than never.Dear Debi thank you so much for lifting up my spirit and helping me out .You have got a bunch of amazing ideas and I am going to use them. Just like life is a mix of different emotions ,you have given me variety in my posts. Loads of Love :) Its lovely meeting you .


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