My Sky Buddy...

The only buddy I've always had and still have by my side is the one and only The Blue Sky .There's not even a single time when we were apart. My dear sky was always there for me to comfort.

In trouble, I just need to look above and Say "I need you" .The very next moment the help arrives. I still wonder how does it do that?? Every time I am in need of a smile, I just look through my window and there it is like always amusing me with its different art forms of clouds. It makes me laugh like I can no more through its silly and cute artistic sculptures of clouds.When I am low and need a shoulder to lean on ,I climb up the stairs and go to the top of my building and feel the presence of my bud, who is in its cute black night pyjamas . It silently conveys me that life is meant to be that way. Things fall apart just to fall in place.You can never have perfect balance of Life unless you face some problems. This it does by the gentle touch of cool breeze on my face. Really it has its own wonderful ways of comforting me.

Sky and I were friends from the time when I couldn't even spell The Sky.This friendship is still blossoming and getting stronger and stronger as the each day passes on.

So tell me who is your buddy for life?

Would love to hear from you

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  1. My buddy is my little teddy...frisky! here is the link

  2. The sky has always been my inspiration.

    But if you ask what my best bud is, I would tell my diary / blog!

    P.S. : Thanks for dropping by. :)


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